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Mass Effect 3: Resistance

Mass Effect 3: Resistance 00:02:04

~Please see full description~Tribute to ME3 featuring dialogue from Joker, Illusive Man, Tali, & Liara.Music: Fight For What You Believe - Epic Score effects & modeling done in After Effects & Cinema 4d.Escape from Earth scene & TIMmy's little super computer were done by me, they are just my interpretations for what MIGHT be shown in ME3. :)The Normandy model is NOT mine, credit goes to Thorreign at for uploading an AMAZING model. Alliance logo texturing IS mine.Reaper models are mine, which is why they are blocky and unprofessional :PAll other effects, etc. were done by me. I really wanted to push myself on this one,'s certainly not perfect, but I hope you guys like it! It all took me forever to do!! Oh and as always, Thanks for viewing/subscribing!! :)

yontari yontari


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