Mass Effect Universe

Mass Effect 3: Official MEHEM trailer

Mass Effect 3: Official MEHEM trailer 00:03:45

Thanks for name: Two Steps from Hell - Two Steps from Heaven - Heart - You can download the mod here (last update: 24. 11. 2012 is the new installer which will install the mod for you ;Dor go here for manual installation files and further discussion about the mod itself be aware that this is still very much a work in progress and largely untested. If you encounter errors or glitches, please let me know.If you have Leviathan installed, you will need a fix in addition to the mod. Get it here: you don't want to go through the process of installing then you can watch the video of the mod here:

Strannik Strannik
gadrial 2013-03-08 в 19:27

Так их негодяев) Ждем ХЭМ для финальной версии масс еффект 3)


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