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Commander Shepard Music Video

Commander Shepard Music Video 00:04:16

Created originally for the Gmod musical collab by Phunny NeonThis is originally for a collab but i decided to actually do something with the full song and make a full on music video since its one of my more recent songs that i just think deserves a proper music video adaption (thats not made of already made clips )This is one of the longest vids for me to make clocking in around a months worth of time Special thanks to Andrew 'Dougan' Clemitson for creating the ending in After Effects due to request heres the wallpaper: by : Mircale of Sound (aka Gavin Dunne)Song name:COMMANDER SHEPARD - The songMiracle Of Sound Facebook: now at Bandcamp: Itunes: footage musc:Powerhouse by Raymond Scot

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